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What does Cousin Keisha know?

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It appears that Keisha, cousin of Jessica Mitchell/Anderson knows more than she lets out. On July 8th, which a lot of people suspect something happened on Wed. the 8th she posts a crying selfie @ 2:25pm, right before Jessica says she was to go to her mother and grandfathers house to help with camper @ 3pm. Problem is: Trina states in a statement that she did not get home Wed. till approx 5:30-5:45pm. Jessica and Trina state that they were cleaning and planning a shopping list. Jessica also mentions and unmentions that she had gone to the store for these items on the list. That all probably took a bit of time, so when did she exactly eat dinner as claimed at Aunt Lynne's, Keisha's mom and Keisha, who lived on the top floor of Jessica and Vernal's basement apt. Keisha also pasts the very next day/evening another heartbreak post, followed by a later post that appears as if she is admitting he has passed.

Attached are the statements/posts of Keisha and her mom Lynne

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