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Image by Steven Kamenar



A few major inconsistencies that should be re-questioned for the parents to answer

  1. ​​If Vernal never went to the creek with Jess and Isaac, then that means Vernal never left Deorr's side...right???

  2. If Bob and Isaac were fishing in the creek long enough to catch fish, why were they seen pulling up in the suburban?

  3. If Vernal slipped that he was fixing his car in a driveway during the lugnut story, where was his car parked at the time Deorr disappeared?

  4. How do you plan this camping trip a week prior, Jess tells Vernal about the camping trip Wed, Bob wakes them up Thurs morning banging on the door, Vernal answers, Bob reminds them they’re to go camping, Vernal then goes to work...but yet didn't know about the camping trip till that afternoon, last minute and while with his boss (Thurs)?

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