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Get to know those that have worked on the case and those that still do


1st Investigator Frank Vilt

Frank, an ex-US Marshall, had taken on Deorr's case in the first month, as he was a friend of the Kunz' Family and felt he could help. He had only one circumstance, and that was for the parents to be honest. He had even offered to donate $20,000 of his own money in the hopes of a tip that would lead us to Deorr. However, when offered the reward, the parents turned down the offer and told Frank that Law Enforcement and the FBI told them not to accept it. It has been since known that, LE and FBI did not say such. Soon after and within only a few months on the case, Frank felt the need to step down, as he felt and still feels that the parents had lied to him, resulting in Deorr not being found. Frank believed that the mother sold/illegally adopted Deorr out to another family without Vernal knowing. He believed the mother was guilty.


2nd Investigator Philip Klein

Philip Klein joined the case early on and had come to the same conclusion as Law Enforcement, however the parents hired a Lawyer and tried to sue him for slander in hopes for financial gain. The parents lost 3 times dispite their efforts, as the Judge agreed with Klein that there was no slander or wrong doing. Ultimately after a timely and costly situation, he withdrew from the case. He was the only PI that got as close as he did and has most of all the original interrogations etc. Klein could never get over this case and has offered to come back to the case and without Travel Funds raised 1st. He actually insisted that som Awareness was put on Deorr in the mean time. Klein is back and he has a list of things and places he wants to do and go. Klein believes that both parents are guilty in knowing what happened, with Vernal being the person to cause an accident and the mother then helped cover it up. May he bring Deorr Home.

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3rd Investigator David Marshburn

Is Marshburn gonna continue his investigation? Backroad Case Notes/David Marshburn there is more to come -or is there? Hes said there were going to be more. LOOKS LIKE MARSHBURN DELETED THE INTERVIEW WITH JESS, WHY? There were two lives that he did with Jessica that sent a lot of red flags and has been up for awhile, is now removed. Marshburn believes that only Grandpa and Isaac know what happened, with Isaac being the person to hurt Deorr and Grandpa knowing.


The Cold Case Foundation

We are dedicated to stopping the deadly compounding effect of cold cases and providing hope and resources to families affected by violent crime. The Cold Case Foundation is devoted to raising public awareness and creating partnerships to assist and provide law enforcement whatever resources are needed to bring about closure. The Cold Case Foundation has been contacted by family and they look forward to helping Baby Deorr. 8/3/21 The CCF has yet to be utilized by LE or the family since they have been on the case.


You will hear about how we were hired, the steps we took, and the ins (and outs) of our investigation along the way.

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