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Image by Evan Dennis



If Vernal slipped that he was fixing his car in a driveway during the lugnut story, where was his car parked at the time Deorr disappeared?

The Sworn Statement says Corvette, but it has been corrected to a Mustang that is in question.

Has anyone that knows Vernal, seen him with his Mustang that was painted around the time of Deorr being reported missing? We want to say it was yellow at 1st, but not 100% sure. We are also unsure if any or all of his cars are actually registered to him. We would really like to know more about this Mustang and where was and where it is now etc.

According to Vernal's mom Laurie Kunz, Jess's mom Trina, and Jess's Aunt Lynne, Vernal never parked or worked on his cars at the apartment, he instead always worked on his cars at his dad Dennis's house in Montpelier, also Vernal's mom had admitted in a text that there was a Mustang scratched with a screwdriver around the time in question.

How could there be two Lug nut stories, when it most likely happened only once and obviously at his dad Dennis's home, due to the number of details he had given that surrounded his car and the need to re-paint his car due to the small scratch Deorr was said to put on it with a screwdriver. If it really happened at Dennis's home, why does Vernal feel the need to double the story to also take place at camp? He did so most likely to have a story on why Deorr was even around Vernal's truck at said times. Does that mean it happened at Dennis's or Camp? Definitely not both.

If you know more about this car and or where Vernal worked on his cars, we would like to hear from you. You can privately email us @

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