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Why is Jess's description of what Deorr was wearing the day he went missing, not consistent?


How is it, that Deorr is supposed to be wearing a pajama shirt with an airplane on it, but is also described as wearing a white T-shirt under his Camo jacket?

Notice that Jess herself, is also, in two different tops on the same day of Deorr missing.

Take Note, that supposedly there were no pics of Deorr on this camping trip, yet Jess claims the pics of her and Deorr in the vehicle, are from the same day as his disappearance and while supposedly camping. The only way the photo of them in the vehicle could be true on the day he disappeared, is if Deorr was indeed in town.

Creating an alibi by claiming the photo was taken that Friday, July 10th? Seems plausible, as Jess and Vernal want everyone to believe he was up there, yet he truly, was never seen especially the way the parents described. Plus Trina, her mom, is said to have stated that the photo of them in the vehicle is from a different date, than Jess states in her screenshot.

​What was Deorr really wearing on the day he was reported missing? 

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