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Why does Bob tell Klein and the Staff "What's done is done" and "When is the funeral" to Trina??

It seems that Isaac is on the same page of there being an accident with the way he kept slipping that he is "Pretty sure, but retracting it as he was saying such.

Did you know that Grandpa took a nap or was at least in his camper for a bit? According to Isaac, he thought Grandpa was in his camper napping and didn't see Deorr with Grandpa.

We are wondering though if Grandpa or Isaac saw Vernal at his truck with Deorr during the time Jess states he is.

We do not believe that Grandpa was the last to see Baby Deorr, We believe Vernal was. Grandpa in interviews, have told Klein and Staff that there would be 4 different stories from the 4 of them who were at camp. Notice how Grandpa states that Isaac probably got a Lawyer because he thought he felt blamed. Wouldn't you too get one if you felt you were being used in a missing child's case?

Grandpa states in interviews that Deorr went up to the parents, parents went up to the creek. He clearly didn't feel he was responsible for watching Baby Deorr.

Isaac was just over the bank where Grandpa can see him - per Grandpa, Jess stated that when she saw Isaac, he had a fishing pole and tackle box in hand(s). Isaac appeared to be closer to the camp, than far away with a baby and to be back asap. (no time for a crime or burial, enough to keep dogs from finding him on the 1st day.

Don't forget, Jess places Vernal to be the last with Deorr, not Grandpa.

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