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Image by Evan Dennis



Why did Jess say Vernal was with her at the creek the whole time, to shortly later throw him under the bus to Klein and Staff and said that Vernal was rather with Deorr at his truck the whole time for approx 20 minutes?


We know this to be the truth as of today, that Vernal was never at the creek, per Jess and Isaac. You can find the whole story here.

The next question is, why did Jess revert to Vernal being at the creek as of today?

Why does she point the finger at Vernal more than once and on national television? What does Jess know or not know? Or want us to know or not know?

​Why does Isaac want to say He's pretty sure that there was an accident per Isaac in 3of3*

​Did Isaac see Vernal working on his truck?

We stress that you watch the 1st interview below and watch Jess's face when Vernal says to Nate that he was at the creek with Jess. She looks as if that is the 1st time she heard of that. (Just an observation)

Was she scared of Vernal? Is she still scared of Vernal? Is she afraid of what people will think of her if she is just now telling the truth? Or was she already trying to tell the truth, but was stopped by Vernal? Is that why Isaac twiddles a bullet in his fingers during his whole 3 part interview on his couch? Was he threatened?

What would Vernal do if Jess if the truth got out?

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