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Where did the parents live during the week of Deorr being reported missing? Bear Lake/Montpelier or Idaho Falls? Dennis's home or Aunt Lynne's?


We have just been informed that Deorr went to Daycare in Montpelier and attended there at least 2months prior, but was also there on July 8th from morning till approximately 4-7pm, with Vernal picking up Deorr that day. It is said that the parents didn't actually live in Idaho Falls, but rather lived in Montpelier with Vernal's dad Dennis at the time. They were concerned and confused personally knowing Vernal to hear they had an apartment in Idaho Falls and enough to be searched.

Both Vernal and Jess worked in or near Bear Lake/Montpelier, Garden City area at the time.

Vernal told the Daycare a couple of days before the camping trip, that they were going to go camping in Idaho Falls, not Leadore. This again puts Vernal in the knowing position of the camping plans before Thursday with his boss. When asked, we were told that it was originally planned for the weekend, not Thursday. Again, did something happen on Wednesday? Why are there so many lies that start on this day? What we do know now, is that whatever happened, happened Wednesday night or later.

Here is the problem, Deorr is said to be with Jess all day Wednesday, July 8th per Jess's written statements. How can she be with Deorr before 4pm, plus it takes approx 2.5hrs to drive from Montpelier to Idaho Falls. 

Also, How did Deorr get to Jess to have dinner with Aunt Lynne, when Vernal was the one who picked him up from Daycare at earliest 4pm that puts the earliest Jess would have had Deorr in her care, to be approx 6:30pm and Vernal wasn't seen till after dinner when he picked them up. More so, how was Deorr seen on Wednesday at Trina's around 3pm or at all for the matter if he was in Daycare all day? It has always been a question as to why did he have to pick them up if they lived downstairs. Now it's making more sense.

We would love to hear from people who knew this family and may be able to shed more light.

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