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Why Do the Cadaver Dogs Climb and Signal at the Diaper Tree?

Cadaver Dogs climbed, signaled, and wished they could climb higher. ( mentioned in video @1:27) (Chance The Cadaver Dog is pictured below)

​The problem is, that this is called the Diaper Tree for a reason. Jess mentions in her written statement that on Thursday night she changed Deorr's diaper and Vernal then put it in a grocery back and tied it to a branch in the same tree. Was this diaper taken off a child that had died? Why would Cadaver Dogs have an interest in this tree?

Here is another problem, Trina at some point grabbed that bag off the tree and threw it away into the local church/search team's volunteer's trash can, and now gone. Why would she be cleaning the area at this time? Maybe she thought it was Grandpa's depends, but then you have it in the screenshot below claiming she knew it was Deorr's. Or did she know something more and help get rid of one of the biggest key pieces of evidence needed in solving this case?
Pictured below is the spot Klein calls the Holding Spot where the cooler-sized hole was found by Cadaver Dogs.

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RIP Chance 2023

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