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Were the parents partying Thursday night? Looks like Deorr fell down at the campground around midnight and received negativity from Isaac. Sounds like the parents were not being responsible and was Deorr ok? Did he die later from this fall and they panicked?

How is it possible Isaac was up that late on Thursday, when Jess says in her written statements they all got there approximately 9:30pm and that Isaac and Grandpa went to bed 1st and Jess, Vernal, and Deorr stayed up for just a little bit longer.

What time did they actually arrive at camp and when did they really set up camp, Thursday or Friday? Because Nate Eaton (East Idaho News) states they all arrived Thursday around midnight. It was also stated by more sources that they arrived around midnight and they all set up camp on Friday due to being too dark. Listen @1:45 in Nates video below

Did you know that on a personal call with Vernal, he stated that Friday when leaving to the store, Grandpa asked Vernal to be back by 11am so they could go camping. Thought they were already camping?!

This is starting to look bad like it was a plan for Grandpa and Isaac to hurry and help pull off this camping story and help cover it up. Isaac though? He was used as a Patsy...poor guy probably thought he was just there to go camping and fish. That would be a perfect reason for Jess to say that when coming back from the store, she saw Grandpa and Isaac pulling up in the suburban and followed them to the camp....that sounds like Grandpa and Isaac were just getting there.

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