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If Vernal never went to the creek with Jess and Isaac, then that means Vernal never left Deorr's side right?

There is audio captured on the recording BELOW that catches Vernal in a twist. Not only does Jess tell Klein and Staff that Vernal never went down to the creek with her and Isaac, but Vernal admits Jess stated such.
Here is the thing... in one of Isaac's interviews, he states that Vernal and Deorr WERE behind him and Jess, but when he looked back, he noticed Vernal and Deorr were no longer following them.

Vernal hates fishing and camping and didn't want to be there, he tried to find every excuse he could to be able to go home, such as his turbo going out, etc. (based on personal conversations).

Grandpa was also said to have been napping at this time per Isaac and agreed upon with Grandpa in an interview. Grandpa never knew what was going on and neither did Isaac as he went to go fish (Isaac is seen with a tackle box and fishing pole in hand per Jess) No way Isaac was involved, he had no time. Does he know? Probably, but feel he was threatened to be quiet, hints to why he is always sleeping or fishing, and his response to seeing Deorr is always the same "he was acting like any outgoing two-year-old". Odd, how many 2yr old's is Isaac around?

This gives Vernal the perfect opportunity while everyone was busy, to hide the accident he caused, by rushing Deorr out of the campground asap and to come back and look like he too was searching, then to keep going where he put him to secure the holding spot while search and rescue arrived. He then called his dad and most likely told him what happened, as Vernal lied about actually talking to his dad, till Jess threw him under the bus in Marshburn's Live.

So with all this, how are there people still thinking that Grandpa and Isaac did something when Deorr never left Vernal's side?

​Go back and watch the 1st interview of the parents (take the following Monday) and notice how Jess looks when Vernal mentioned he was at the creek with her. It seems that she just realized Vernal had more knowledge of the situation, because if Vernal was never at the creek with her, then that makes sense to look at him as odd as she did.

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