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Why does Vernal's Best Friend AJ's death seem suspicious? Well, we have noticed a few things around the time of AJ's accident that seems to be off and makes it seem as if there is more to the story than just an accident (Innocent until proven guilty).

Oct 9th 2018

AJ had been in contact with someone Vernal does not like and it seemed that within that convo AJ had some things he wanted to talk about and we believe it had something to do with knowledge of Deorr's case.

Oct 13th 2018

AJ died of what appears to have been a speeding accident on his way to work.

Oct 28th 2018

Cousin Kiesha's ex-boyfriend, a friend of Jess and Vernal, and many more, post a post in Spanish saying " I KILL FOR NOTHING".

Here is the thing... AJ was Vernal's BFF, Vernal also lived as his roommate in the state AJ lived in, in Carlsbad, NM for a bit. Vernal knew AJ's schedule and route to work. Could Vernal have sent a hitman down to get rid of AJ so he wouldn't talk?

AJ is the one who sold the black truck to Vernal a week before the camping trip and bought it back within a week of Deorr missing and then sold it for scrap metal.

AJ knows someone with the Green Jeep Cherokee that we questioned all these years behind the scenes.

AJ worked with Vernal and is also a redhead (Vernal mentioned talking to a redhead 2x's for 45min each during the day Deorr was reported missing).

Why did Keene Wells post that soon after AJ's death? Related? Keene Wells is an "I got your back kinda guy" and hangs out with some hardcore people from a few states.

​This has never been talked about but is in the hands of a few investigators at this time. We are curious as to where Keene Wells was on October 13th during the time of AJ's death. We believe AJ was ran off the road in a high-speed chase.

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